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Chameleon Central

Alina created custom logos for Chameleon Central, an online community dedicated to educating the public on chameleon health and husbandry.  Logo variations include a design with a Panther chameleon and one with a Veiled chameleon, two of the most common species kept as pets.

Care was taken to produce an engaging single-color logo mark in order to maximize profit margins as the client expressed interest in producing vinyl and screenprinted items to raise funds for Chameleon relocation and rehabilitation efforts through a 501(c)(3) animal rescue. 

Chameleon Central

In styling the typography, Alina strategically positioned the words so that they would be a support to the chameleon, similar to a branch, but also as a metaphor for the mission of the brand.  The abbreviated name “Cham Central” is also represented in the treatment of the full name, and the initials for the community “CC” are subtly reflected in the shape of the chameleons’ eyes and tail. The “o” in “chameleon” also intentionally mimics the shape of a chameleon eye. 

For digital applications or in uses where the print specifications are not restricted, additional logo treatments include custom gradients and photo overlays to provide additional visual interest to the design, while also reflecting the behavior of the subject and allowing for versatility in both color and texture.


Panther Chameleon shirt
Veiled Chameleon shirt


Chameleon Central



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