Join the Stampede | 96 Elephants
Join the Stampede | 96 Elephants
Delivery of Materials to White House
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Join the Stampede materials

join the stampede campaign materials

To engage the public in endorsing a federal ban on ivory, 96 Elephants and the Wildlife Conservation Society devised a campaign called “Join the Stampede” in 2016. Many of the engagements were used in classrooms and in-park at the Bronx Zoo, as well as other AZA institutions. The completed materials were delivered to the White House, and ultimately a federal ban on Ivory was passed.

As part of the campaign, I created petitions and rubber stamps appropriate for school-age children as well as a coloring page for younger participants to express their value of elephant lives. When the materials were delivered at the White House, there was a public display where participants used the Take A Stand shirts I previously designed, as well as a new hand-held sign I illustrated that united both campaigns.

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