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Take A Stand

A first-phase initiative of the 96 Elephants campaign by the Wildlife Conservation Society, “Take A Stand” aims to raise awareness about the crisis of elephant poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking. 

On June 19, 2015, as part of this initiative, a ton of illegal ivory seized by the US Fish and Wildlife Services was destroyed in a public event at Times Square (Manhattan) in an effort to educate and emphasize the need to end the ivory trade.

Those in attendance included the general public plus government officials, high profile activists such as actors Edie Falco and Kristin Davis, along with several conservation organizations, including African Wildlife Foundation and the World Wildlife Foundation. This event was heavily publicized by both national and international media outlets.

Participants received illustrated posters, T-shirts, and tote bags featuring bold graphics to coordinate with campaign materials while standing out against the busy environment of Times Square. Video and static ad placements also appeared on location, in taxis across New York City, as well as billboards in other key areas, such as California and Washington DC.

T-shirts were also sold globally on WCS web properties to raise funds for the 96 Elephants campaign as well as awareness of the initiative and promote global community.


Take a Stand for Elephants Poster
Take a Stand for Elephants Tote
Take a Stand for Elephants Art Detail


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