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Tallahassee Museum

Alina has long partnered with Tallahassee Museum to help promote its wildlife trails and educational programs. Following a rebranding, she was integral in re-imagining and enhancing the look and feel of the signage across its expansive 52 acres. To date, Alina has designed over 100 exhibit, informational and directional signs, and has supported other projects, such as designing summer camp shirts for the Museum.

The snake exhibit was the first site of this multi-year project. The exhibit’s signage works to break myths and mitigate fears around local snakes through educating the public on their role in the ecosystem and the benefits to having them around.

To further encourage visitors to the space and create a more welcoming environment, Alina also suggested the color palette/paint colors for the space, coordinating with the Museum’s brand guide.



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Summer Camp T-shirts


Tallahassee Museum



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