Take A Stand

take a stand - print & apparel "Take A Stand" is a first-phase initiative of 96 Elephants—a campaign by the Wildlife Conservation Society. Its mission is to increase awareness on the plight of the African elephant and provoke action in people all over the world to facilitate an end to wildlife trafficking and the ivory [...]

Chameleon Central

chameleon central: logo and product design Two logos were custom illustrated for Chameleon Central, an online community dedicated to educating the public on chameleon health and husbandry. One design features a Panther chameleon and the other shows a Veiled chameleon. In addition to being used on their web presence, the logos are offered on a [...]

Tallahassee Museum Summer Camp

tallhassee museum summer camp shirt For the Tallahassee Museum's summer 2017 season, I created camp shirts  featuring native Florida wildlife. The Museum requested the design be reminiscent of vintage designs for Florida tourism and use colors from its recent rebranding guidelines. Illustrated within the design are a bobcat, a black bear, a white-tailed deer, a [...]

National Mammal

national mammal — American Bison In 2016, the American Bison was designated as the national mammal of the United States. I had the honor of designing the official to commemorate the historic event, which went on to be used by National and zoological parks with Bison and the White House. To celebrate the first independence [...]


#ElephantYogaChallenge #ElephantYogaChallenge is a nested campaign of the greater 96 Elephants campaign by the Wildlife Conservation Society meant to activate yogis and yoga enthusiasts in lending their practice to conservation. The idea of the challenge is similar in nature to the infamous "Ice Bucket Challenge", however, the task is to complete the "elephant" yoga pose [...]