Florida Institute for Child Welfare

Florida Institute for Child Welfare In 2017, I designed a new logo for the Florida Institute for Child Welfare, which is housed at Florida State University. The logo utilizes iconography for each of the four foundational pillar of the institute: Partnerships, Practice Research & Evaluation, Technical Assistance & Training, and Policy Analysis. In addition to [...]

Secular Eclectic Academic Publishing

secular eclectic academic publishing - website I designed and built a responsive e-commerce website for Secular Eclectic Academic—a publisher of secular materials. The website was built in Wordpress with Woocommerce so the client could continue to update and manage it on their own. The website is family-friendly with a vibrant and fun color palette throughout. [...]

Chameleon Central

chameleon central: logo and product design Two logos were custom illustrated for Chameleon Central, an online community dedicated to educating the public on chameleon health and husbandry. One design features a Panther chameleon and the other shows a Veiled chameleon. In addition to being used on their web presence, the logos are offered on a [...]

Disaster Law Consulting

disaster law consulting - brand identity I created the logo, brand identity, and marketing materials for Disaster Law Consulting.  The client requested that the logo use the scales of justice as well as a hurricane; I created a balance of both symbols where one was not visually more prominent over the other. From there I [...]


#ElephantYogaChallenge #ElephantYogaChallenge is a nested campaign of the greater 96 Elephants campaign by the Wildlife Conservation Society meant to activate yogis and yoga enthusiasts in lending their practice to conservation. The idea of the challenge is similar in nature to the infamous "Ice Bucket Challenge", however, the task is to complete the "elephant" yoga pose [...]